Once upon a time in 1975…

Claude Michel

It was my father who very early on gave me my first camera with the notions of aperture, shutter speed, lights and framing that go with it.

At the age of 10 I produced my first photo album: that of a school race in Avenches.

The development of the films and the hard copies took place in the old laundry room. All in black and white, color was then inaccessible.

Then came the slides time, Ektachrome and Kodachrome, sessions with two projectors to crossfade. The Top of the Technology of the Time!

The passion for images has accompanied my life.

I am self-taught, with no gender preference. From the rusty nailhead to the snow-capped peaks of our mountains, from the smiles of people to the plants and animals that surround us. It is the feelings I feel that guide my photographic approach.

Recently retired, I now have time to see our world more calmly. My goal is both simple and ambitious: to show what I have watched with the hope of making people want to take again… or at least a little… the time to live at the normal pace of the To be human.

My name is Claude MICHEL and wish you a pleasant ride in my world, which is also yours!